Ray Lanich Band



Ray Lanich
Words and Music by Raymond Michael Lanich




You over there with that gold blonde hair

I jus' wanna wrap my arms around you

If you'd gimmie a chance to get you to dance

I know that I will not disappoint you 

You're so fine I just can't keep in line

I've gotta find a way to make you mine



'Cause you've got the nail and I've got the hammer

I got the pen and you've got the paper

You've got the screw and I've got the driver

Yeah, I got the hose to put out your fire 


I need a plan help me out here band

Since I was a young man all I wanted was a girl like you

Now you stand beside me my fantasy comes true

When I look in your eyes baby I know what's on your mind

Don't you worry 'bout me now dear 'cause I'm a few of a certain kind 


Repeat Chorus


Oh baby please I'm on my knees

Ah honey don't do this to me no

I'm on fire my burning desire

I wanna be your man for hire


Repeat Chorus 2 times 


(C) 2008 Raymond Michael Lanich