Ray Lanich Band


Muddy Mississippi

Ray Lanich
Words and Music by Raymond Michael Lanich


Muddy Mississippi


Stop messin' around with me I can't take anymore

Rogue shark lurkin' all around waiting to strike

How can you sleep at night

How can you look me in the eye



Muddy Mississippi your lady's gettin' lippy

This town is feelin' frisky tonight

There's some that wanna tame me others wanna hang me

Will I make it out alive


You like wasting all my time gettin' paid by the hour

Gettin' rich off of all my work you have to feed the horse

How can you live with yourself

How can you kiss your kids goodnight


Repeat Chorus




Don't be surprised at all

If you find yourself lying face down in the


Repeat Chorus 2 times


(C) 2012 Raymond Michael Lanich