Ray Lanich Band



Ray Lanich
Words and Music by Raymond Michael Lanich




Take your time I'm not goin' anywhere

Think of me when you have made it there

Sure I'm glad for you but I hate myself

I should be there too instead of being here

You get to live the dream while I'm wide awake

I hope you live it up for both our sakes


Time flies by I haven't gone that far

You call up just to brag how good things are

When I picture you out there in the sun

It makes me dwell on all the things I haven't done

I could be like you if I could just focus

So I'll toast to you and your success



Pour another drink barkeeper

I wanna sink down deeper

Pour another drink barkeeper ooh yeah

I wanna sink down deeper


Why can't things be flipped and turned around

I taught you how to even make a sound

What I'm going through I guess I can't conceal

Jealousy of your new town and your record deal

My head is pounding hard way too much to think

You go on being big and I'll just drink


Repeat Chorus


(C) 2012 Raymond Michael Lanich