Ray Lanich Band


At Least I'm Moving

Ray Lanich
Words and Music by Raymond Michael Lanich


At Least I'm Moving


Hard luck yeah it's got me down

But I know one thing that can turn me around

A 180 goin' 80

I feel trapped gotta rattle my cage

I'm settin' me a course for the open range

Come with me to obscurity


Wave by all the towns I pass through

Chase that sun right into the moon

Not gonna stop anywhere anytime soon

My wheels will turn my wheels will turn

Over and over and over again yeah



I keep my eyes on the road ahead

I never know where it's gonna end

Not goin' anywhere

But at least I'm moving

I'm so tired of standin' still

Whether it's a thousand miles or just over the hill

Not goin' anywhere

But at least I'm moving


I wanna tear down all these walls

That have trapped me in and made me feel so small

I no longer belong here

It's so hard to leave it all behind

For something I'm not sure I'll find

It's worth it I deserve it


Turn my music up so damn loud

Don't wanna come back down from this cloud

Give me a chance I'll make you all proud

I'll chase it down I'll chase it down

And turn this world upside down yeah


Repeat Chorus 2 times


(C) 2012 Raymond Michael Lanich